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Compete with confidence and focus

Confidence. Focus. Composure. That’s what every rider wants at competition. Because it creates better results. But something always gets in the way. Pressure. Nerves. Stress. Stopping you riding at your best. Creating frustration and disappointment. Because you want your hard work to produce results. You want to achieve new personal bests. So you can feel proud of what you’ve achieved.

You may not think that competing with confidence and focus is within your grasp. But it’s closer than you think. Helen Rennie is a Rider Psychology Coach driven by her love for transforming the confidence, focus and results of horse riders who compete. Read more about Helen here.

Equestrian Sports Psychology

It’s not just for professionals. In fact, Helen specialises in helping riders at grassroots level across eventing, dressage and showjumping who compete or want to compete. So whether you get nerves or struggle to focus in the dressage arena, the showjumping ring or around the XC course, Helen can help you build confidence, focus and get better results. Because changing your thinking changes how you ride under pressure. Which changes your results. Want to know more about results riders have achieved? Read rider stories now.

Every session is tailored to you. That means understanding the problem. Understanding how you think. How your horse responds. Giving you a toolkit of techniques to improve your confidence and focus. So you get results fast.

Working with Helen is easy. Because there’s no travel. No location restrictions. Helen works across the UK, using video and phone calls. So you can have sessions that fit with your busy schedule.

Ready to discover more about equestrian sports psychology sessions? Simply select an option below to learn more. To get in touch with Helen call or text 07480 667 690

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