Nice to meet you

Hi, I’m Helen. I’m on a mission to help riders compete with confidence and focus. So they get the results they work so hard to achieve.

Why work with me?

I love transforming the confidence, focus and results of horse riders who compete. It’s incredibly rewarding when a rider achieves a result they thought was impossible. Because I believe in every rider I work with. I know they are capable of more than they think. That their potential is much greater than they dare to dream.

And I’m also a rider who understands what it’s like to lose confidence. Because a serious riding accident 4 years ago left me with an injured neck and shattered nerves. It took a long time to regain my confidence. So I understand how difficult it is. And that it’s impossible to rebuild without the right help. So I’m deeply passionate about the work I do.

Focused on results

I believe in empowering riders. Equipping them with the tools and techniques they need to be confident and focused under pressure. So they can achieve their competition goals. Whilst riders may have different goals, they all have one thing in common. Every rider wants a result. It could be a win or placing, producing a personal best or simply having fun.

Whatever result you want to achieve, it’s my job to help you get that result. To give you the techniques that will work best for you. That will complement your training. So you get results fast! Read Rider Stories to find out what riders have achieved by working with me.

Tailored to you

The best results are achieved when techniques are tailored to you. So that’s what you can expect from each session with me. I use proven techniques from sports psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that help riders build confidence and improve focus at competitions.

My qualifications

I’m a Master NLP Practitioner, the highest level of qualification for NLP. I was personally trained and licensed by the co-creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler and the Society of NLP. I learnt how to apply NLP techniques in equestrian sport from his top trainers, who have worked with national equestrian teams in the USA and Italy. I’m also a NLP Sports Master Practitioner, having trained with one of the UK’s top Mental Performance Coaches, Andy Barton. I have a Sports Psychology Diploma (Distinction) and a Sports Hypnosis Diploma in addition to my degree in Human Sciences from University of Oxford (St Catherine’s College).

I’m also author of the book Transform Pressure To Power, which is about 8 mindset strategies to achieve Eventing success. It’s been featured in Horse & Hound online, Your Horse magazine and was named Book of the Month by Horse magazine.

Ready to find out more about working with me?

Learn more about equestrian sports psychology sessions here. To get in touch with me, just call or text 07480 667 690.