Imagine going into the arena in control of your nerves. Focused. Composed. Producing a quality test with accuracy and expression. Feeling elated when you see your dressage score, realising you’ve achieved a new personal best.

There’s a special buzz that comes with achieving personal bests. Knowing that you’ve produced a great performance. Feeling motivated to achieve more.

That’s why it’s so frustrating when you make a mistake, a faltering move, a tense transition. You lose marks. You look at your test sheet with disappointment. This isn’t what you practised and prepared for. Nerves and stress stop you riding at your best.

When you learn how to control your thoughts, emotions and focus, you’ll instantly improve your riding and reactions in your test. So you’ll be more able to produce a quality test under pressure. That’s what equestrian sports psychology sessions with Helen Rennie will help you achieve.

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Results matter.
That’s why your sessions will be designed to deliver the outcomes you want. And you’ll get a personalised action plan. So you have a step-by-step guide to help you use techniques at home and at competition. Read Rider Stories to discover what riders have achieved by working with Helen.

Tailored to you.
Whether you’ve had an accident, a confidence crisis or you’re struggling with the pressure of competing, Helen will tailor sessions to equip you with the right toolkit of techniques.

Working with Helen is easy and flexible. Whether you prefer FaceTime, Skype or phone, you can have sessions that fit around your schedule and location.

Take the first step.
Select a package, click Book Now and schedule an initial consultation with Helen. A deposit of £19.99 is required to secure your booking and is redeemable against any package. If you’d prefer a bespoke session package, then simply contact Helen now to discuss your requirements. Call or text 07480 667 690.

Test Confidence Boost

Get proven techniques to boost your confidence, focus and performance at your next dressage competition through this 1 hour session. Learn how to manage your dressage nerves and stress level so you have more control throughout your warm-up and test.

1hr session + relaxation podcast + action plan

Test Score Builder

Build your confidence and focus so you can improve your dressage test scores with this 2 session programme. Designed to help you improve your performance at each and every competition.

Discover techniques to control nerves and stress, reduce pressure, manage your emotions, and create laser focus throughout your test.

2 x 1 hour sessions + 2 podcasts + action plan

Test Score Elevator

Elevate your performance and results. Consistently improve your test scores with this 2 month programme. Develop resilience so you thrive under pressure. Learn strategies to help you build sustainable confidence and refine your focus so you feel in control at every transition and movement.

Ideal for riders moving up a level, qualifying for regional or national championship.

4 x 1 hour sessions + 3 podcasts + action plan