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Ever wondered how sports psychology can help you achieve success in Eventing?
Written with grassroots rider in mind, Transform Pressure To Power, guides you through 8 mindset strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you want to get better results at your current level, step up a level or qualify for your first CIC/CCI event, this book will give you techniques to build your competition confidence and focus.

This isn’t a sports psychology textbook. Theory is important but knowing how to apply it in the saddle is crucial. So Helen has designed the book to be the next best thing to having sports psychology coaching sessions with her. You’ll learn practical steps that you can apply immediately to help you deal with nerves and loss of focus at competitions.

Helen Rennie specialises in equestrian sports psychology coaching for riders at all levels, with a particular passion for grassroots. Read more about Helen here.

This book is the first sports psychology book to be written specifically for Eventing and for the demands that event riders face in the 3 phases.

Helen’s book has been featured in Horse & Hound online, Your Horse magazine and was named Book of the Month in Horse magazine.

Magazine Reviews

“You’ll learn mindset techniques to help you train and compete. It covers everything you need to help you stay focused and deal with competition nerves.”
Allison Lowther – Associate Editor, Your Horse magazine

“Unlock your potential for eventing with this straight-talking self-help guide. Helen reveals pressure is something that can actually benefit riders, and shows you how to use it in order to improve your competition performance. She also gives you the tools to change your mindset and enhance your skills. The author’s aim is for competition riders to achieve better results, by improving confidence, dealing with challenges more effectively and overcoming setbacks quicker. This book is the framework for helping you get there. Helen’s advice makes a lot of sense and her book is a fascinating read.”
Horse Magazine “Book Of The Month” May 2016 issue

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  • Mindset strategy questionnaire to zero in on key priority areas and direct you to the sections of the book that will have the greatest impact on your performance
  • Cheatsheet to help you implement all 8 strategies during competition planning, execution and post-analysis
  • Example performance profile to help you identify gaps and plan for success
  • Mindset improvement plan template to help you implement powerful changes step-by-step to elevate your performance

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