Sessions For Every Rider

Eventing. Dressage. Showjumping. It doesn’t matter what discipline you compete in. Because Helen has designed sessions for the 3 major competition disciplines. And there are Competition Nerves sessions for riders who want help across multiple disciplines. So there’s a session to suit every rider.

Competing with confidence and focus starts with resolving a problem. You may be making mistakes in your dressage test, having poles down in your showjumping, stops or run-outs in the cross country, or struggling with competition nerves. Equestrian sports psychology sessions work best when you know what problem you want help with. Because it gives you a clear focus.

You don’t need to have all the answers. Right now you may not know what causes your nerves, stress or loss of focus. That’s OK. As long as you know the problem you want help with, Helen will help you understand the cause and give you tailored techniques to resolve it. So you build confidence and improve your focus. So you thrive under pressure. So you achieve the results you want.

To discover which type of session is right for you, simply select your discipline or the competition nerves option if you want help across multiple disciplines. Or if you’d like to get in touch with Helen call or text 07480 667 690.